We are an innovative glasses research & development company. Since 2000,
we have been engaged in the optical industry for nearly 20 years fully an in-depth
understanding and mastered the world's advanced glasses production technology, such as lamination,
three-dimensional design, combination material eyewear, inner rim drip oil , rubber paint , custom unique
core wire, ultra-thin and hard material design and use technology etc. ,. and still is searching and innovation.   Pursuing
eximious quality, producing top-grade of product, Yashiwei found a beautiful tomorrow together
with all the unfeigned customers.
Partial professional technology display
Combine the color of two or more acetate sheets into a front frame/
temple material through a special non-polluting glue or lamination

Three-dimensional design:
This new hot retro three-dimensional design incorporates the current
popular elements, with OBE brand 3+2 barrel hinge, for you strong
visual conflicts.
Stone combination with carbon fiber & wooden sheets:
Throughout the years, we have developed some specific techniques to
combine acetate and metal with carbon fiber, wood, leather or any other
insert you need for your frames. Whether wrapped around a temple,
inserted into a metal frame surface or acetate grooved lodging, the finish
of these challenging materials is always precise, refine and extremely high
Dripping oil in the inner rim:
Put the color-adjusting oil and curing agent on the inner rim,wait for it
to dry naturally or put it into the oven to dry, this step can make the
eyewear color more dutifully and beautiful.
Rubber paint:
The rubber paint is sprayed on the surface of the eyewear to achieve the
matte or semi-matte effect. The hand feels very delicate and smooth, and
has a rubbery texture and feels like skin.no harm to the human body.
Customized core wire:
We can also offer custom core wire services according to your design,
including style, pattern, length and more.
Hard density acetate fiber:
HDCA acetate sheet adds a non-toxic additive to improve the characteristics
of the traditional sheet. This material can be cut into a thinner ring shape to
achieve a new type of "light&shaped spectacle frame" In addition, it still
retains a smooth surface, and it also features a high-end exterior
(comfortable glasses frame). The shrinkage effect greatly decrease!
And much more, every month!
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